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Cardi B Denies Rapper's Claim She Stole Lyrics For 'Clout'

Cardi B clapped back at an independent artist after she hopped online to accuse Cardi of stealing her lyrics.

Rapper Dela Wesst wrote, "@iamcardib BE BOUT IT, BABY. You mean to tell me you just CONFIRMED you are 100% aware of the stealing of my lyrics, BUT THEN GON STILL FIND A WAY TO EVADE THE SUBJECT?! KNOT today, Satan. #DelaWesst #TheOGCopy"

Cardi quickly responded, "First of all you weird ass bitch u been trying me for hot minute .You really cross the line when u stalkin my fans page and put this sh*t on a pic of me & my kid .SO YES THATS I'm bringing my kid," she tweeted.

She continued, "Second of all you dumb bitch you ranting for day cause you claim I stole lyrics from you on clout .I WROTE THIS SONG IN JANUARRYYY ! You show me you did your clout song in January bitch you might have a chance.I rhyme clout with Oscar the grouch bitch is not farfech it RHYMES!"