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Cardi B is facing backlash - after repeatedly cursing to high school students. But according to Cardi, it's OK to curse at the students, because she's "real."

Cardi visited her old High School, Renaissance High School in the Bronx - and gave a motivational speech to some of the students there. The speech was touching, and it appears to have impacted many of the students.

But folks on social media are blasting Cardi for her use of FOUL LANGUAGE inside the classroom. Cardi used the "F" word multiple times, and the "S" word also.

Here is the video:

When Cardi was confronted about her use of foul language around kids, she fired back. Here is the exchange:


Back in April Cardi went on the Ellen show and she talked pretty candidly about her high school experience. 

When asked about what type of student she was in school, Cardi B recalls being very disruptive. It wasn’t that she was a bad kid, she just couldn’t resist cracking jokes during class, she clarified. Although being the class clown might have sent the rapper to the principal’s office more than often, it was her bold personality that made her so likable and memorable.

“I made the teachers cry when I left [school]…But the smartest person, the teacher wasn’t crying for them,” Cardi B said.

It was this same vibrant personality that led her to her Instagram fame. Even before her VH1 appearance in “Love and Hip Hop,” she had already gained thousands of followers on Instagram because of the funny videos she would post onto her account.