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Cardi spoke out yesterday, against people who say that she's not Black. According to the female rapper, she's Black - because her grandmother is "dark skinned."

Cardi took to Instagram yesterday to explain her ethnicity to her fans.

The Dominican rapper claims that people don’t understand the difference between race, nationality and ethnicity. According to Cardi, many of her fans race bait when it comes to her.

As Cardi’s career continues to reach new heights – including becoming became the first woman in rap to earn multiple no. 1 singles and the first artist of Dominican descent to hit no. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 – she’s become one of the most visible faces for Afro-Latinas and dominicanas in the mainstream. And she’s done it while remaining unapologetically unvarnished and proudly putting on for her culture.

Cardi's upset that some people feel that she’s not Black, but she asserts that her features don’t come from white people.

And as to the fact that her parents are both light skinned, Cardi has an answer to that critique as well.

According to Cardi, both of her grandparents are "dark".

Her maternal grandmother, in particular, is dark-skinned because she’s Caribbean - tells Cardi

Here are pics of Cardi's alleged dark skinned grandmother:


It’s not uncommon to see IG videos of Cardi in a tubi at her abuela’s house. The dry hair-wrapping technique, which helps prolong a blow-out, is a Dominican hair salon classic, and is also used by other Caribbean and black communities.

But while many women don’t leave the house in their tubis (except, of course, for fashion icon Rihanna, who wore one on the red carpet), Cardi let people know that her tubi is no impediment to her flow.

On “Rollin,” a song off her second mixtape, Gangsta Bitch Music, Vol.2, Cardi raps “If it’s not the money then it’s “poof, be gone”/Steal your man with my tubi on.”