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Cardi B is coming under fire this morning - for sampling a popular R Kelly song in her new hit song with Bruno Mars, Please Me.

Cardi and Bruno released their new song "Please Me" on Friday, and quickly fans realized that the song heavily sampled the 1993 R Kelly hit song "Sex Me."

In order to sample the song, they had to make sure R Kelly (or whomever owns the rights to the song) is paid a royalty.

Many of Cardi's fas are upset that she would do business with R Kelly, after R Kelly was accused multiple times of s*xually abusing children. 

Here is the Cardi and Bruno Mars song:

And here's R Kelly's song Sex Me:

There's now a big uproar on Twitter, with many people calling for a boycott of Cardi & Bruno’s new song “Please Me.” 

The credits of the song claim that it samples only Jodeci’s 'Freak'n You'. But if you listen closely, the song also clearly sampled R Kellys song. 

Many suspect that Bruno and Cardi intentionally did not list that they sampled from R Kelly, to avoid a backlash.

Here are some tweets of what people have been saying: