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Cardi B Blasts Label For Single Rollout

Cardi B is upset with her label for the way her new single, "UP" was released.

She says people are having a hard time finding the single on iTunes.

"I'm really grateful for the music video, it's turning out amazing," says Cardi. "I'm really upset right now. The Devil has been working really f*cking hard, let me tell you. Because, I know people are having troubles finding the song on iTunes. I don't even think the music video is up on iTunes yet."

She continued: "I don't know who dropped the ball and gave in or didn't gave in or whatever to iTunes, but I've been working. I've been calling people on the label all night. I don't know. Make sure you check it out on all streaming services. I think the song was turned in late to avoid leaks and stuff."


It's unlikely her new single will prove to be as big a hit as "WAP" -- especially if people are not even able to find it to stream.