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Female rapper Cardi B is going off on rapper Joe Budden and the reporters at Access Hollywood. Cardi is upset that both Joe and Access Hollywood have been criticizing her parenting, and Cardi SNAPPED.

It all started when Access Hollywood conducted an interview with Cardi, and twisted her words to make it appear that she was a neglectful mother. The same day, on Joe Budden's podcast, his co-host Mal also claimed that Cardi wasn't a "real" artist because she's taken too much time off from music, since giving birth to Kulture.

Cardi blew up on both Joe and Access Hollywood.

The Bodak Yellow rapper went on a long expletive-laden rant against Access Hollywood and Joe. During the rant, Cardi threatened to "spit" in the face of Joe and his blogging sidekick Mal. Cardi also told both Joe and the folks at Access Hollywood that she "hoped their mother gets AIDS."

“Don’t cut sh*t off to try to make me look like a fuck a** mom because that’s something that I’m not!” the MC screamed to her 59,000 Instagram live viewers. Cardi claims she explained that she tries to spend as much time with Kulture as possible, and told Access that she would have to be in a situation where Kulture had too many babysitters and didn’t recognize her as a mom. She said the publication edited out crucial parts of her two-minute-long answer that would have added context. “Don’t use my mother f**king kid for clickbait!” she said.

Listen for yourself:

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