Cardi B Blames Young Voters For Bernie Sanders Ending Presidential Run: 'Y'all Wasn't Voting!!'

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Cardi B, a proud supporter of Sen. Bernie Sanders, has lashed out at young voters who are not mourning the fact that he has suspended his campaign for president.

"I'm really upset at everybody, because as you guys know... Bernie dropped out of the race," Cardi said. "I see a lot of young people on the Internet always lying. Y'all motherf*ckers, y'all young motherf*ckers. I'm getting sick of y'all. Like I'm getting sick of y'all. I'm about to start hanging out with my grandma's friends. Because they vote. Y'all motherf*ckers don't vote, and that sh*t is getting me tight."

She continued, "Y'all wasn't voting, y'all wasn't voting... what the f*ck was up with that? "People that don't give a f*ck about going to college," she said.

"Those are the people that are voting. Those are the people that are voting and because of that, that means Bernie is out of the motherf*cking race." 

Watch the rant below.