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Cardi B 'BANS' Saweetie From Her Super Bowl Luxury Suite! (PICS)

The beef between top female rappers Saweetie and Cardi B is growing each and every day. Yesterday, MTO News learned that Cardi B rented out a luxury suite at the Super Bowl - where she, Offset, Meek Mill, Quavo, and close friends partied.


But we also learned that Quavo's girlfriend Saweetie was "banned" from attending the Super Bowl event with them.

The insider told MTO News, "Cardi and Offset paid for the [suite] so they invited whom they wanted to come. Quavo was invited and Saweetie wasn't.

According to media reports, Cardi has been throwing not too subtle shade at Saweetie for some months now. And in her new song UP, Bardi says the lyric, “I know that’s right,” which is one of Saweetie's most recognizable signature tag lines.


As for last's night Super Bowl, we have receipts that Saweetie was excluded as well. Here's Quavo, posting a picture of him sitting in Cardi & Offset's luxury suite watching the game. Notice that Saweetie is NOT there with them.

A quick look on Saweetie's page shows that she was in Tampa last night, doing a gig for GQ magazine. But she wasn't at the game with Quavo.

Here's a screenshot of Saweetie, which shows that she watched the game on a television, and wasn't live at the game: