Cardi B BANNED From Rihanna's Diamond Ball . . . Cardi CUSSED OUT RIH!! (Cardi Vs Rih)

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Rihanna and Cardi B are feuding now, MTO News can report. And the drama between the two female artists has to do with Cardi being un-invited to Rihanna's annual Diamond Ball.

According to folks close to Rihanna, Cardi was scheduled to appear at Rihanna's annual event - which raises millions of dollars, and is attended by celebrities and wealthy NYers.

Nicki and Cardi have been butting heads ever since the Harper’s Bazaar ICONS party on Sept. 7. Recall that Cardi threw her shoe at Nicki, left with a bump on her forehead and claimed that the “Ganja Burn” singer had bashed her baby Kulture and motherhood skills. 

But after Cardi attacked Nicki at fashion week, Rih's people reached out and un-invited Cardi. The insider explained, "They told Cardi not to show up, and told her that security would not allow her in to the event" Rihanna's people notified the POLICE who were standing outside - that Cardi was NOT to be allowed in.

When Cardi found out of Rihanna's decision, she was FURIOUS. The insider explained, "Cardi thinks that Rihanna is just hating because she has a competing makeup line. When [Rihanna's] people told Cardi of her decision, she was like 'f*ck Rihanna and the Ball.'"

Last week MTO NEWS reported that Rihanna un-followed Cardi B. Now we know why the two ladies have such apparent bad blood between them.