Cardi B And Yung Miami TWERKING In Bikinis!! (Pics) - MTO News

Cardi B and Yung Miami are filming a music video together in Miami - and we got some pics from the shoot. Cardi and Yung Miami - half of the popular group the City Girls - are two of the hottest female rappers out today.

And their new song is a BOP.

The video looks like its LIT too. Cardi and Yung Miami both wore body paint and twerked on a yacht with a bunch of beautiful models. Yung Miami wore "white tiger" body paint and Cardi wore regular tiger body paint.

We're told that the video is expected to drop in two weeks, and is expected to be one of the hottest songs in the world by the time it's released.

Here are some more close up images

Yung Miami & Cardi Pic #1

Yung Miami & Cardi Pic #2

Yung Miami & Cardi Pic #3

Yung Miami & Cardi TWERK VIDEO

More pics: