Cardi B is being accused of "destroying" a yacht - on a vacation with her friends.

According to a person who claims to have knowledge of the incident, Cardi B is being accused of going BONKERS DURING A YACHT TRIP.

Here are the full allegations.

My business is in the yachting community and Cardi B and her entourage were abourd a yacht owned by company that I do business with. 

She was horrible to the staff especially the women.

She left used condoms everywhere. She grabbed a stewardess breast and asked if they were real.

While being given a tour wanted to sit on the married captains lap.

She threw food at the head chef because she told her that something that she wanted was not available (the guest are asked before the trip if there are any special meal request or snacks that they would like).

I could go on and on but she was horrible and treated them like dirt, again especially the women sexually, physically and verbally assaulting them.

The Captain had to cut the trip short as one women on staff had a breakdown. Cardi then refused to pay the remaining bill, as she had already paid a deposit.

 There have been a lot of allegations back-and-forth between Nicki and Cardi. We hope this one isn't true.