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Cardi B is going viral this morning - after newly leaked pics have some fans claiming that Cardi has been "cloned."

New paparazzi pics of "Cardi" leaked this morning, but there was something very bizarre about the images. Cardi is completely covered in the images - even her face.

So if we can't see her face - how do we know it's Cardi? Well the Bodak Yellow's reps are telling all the media folks like us - that these pics show Cardi in Paris.

Conspiracy theorists online aren't buying that, and have another explanation of the pics. According to thousands of people on Twitter, Cardi sent a "clone" to Paris. The real Cardi, according to the theory, is still here in the United States.

Look at the pictures that are causing the controversy::


This isn't the first time that social media accused Cardi B of sending a "clone" out in public. Two years ago, Cardi went viral after she appeared to "freeze up" during a red carpet interview.

At the time, social media rumors took off - that Cardi sent a "clone" to the red carpet event, and the clone malfunctioned.

Here's a video the video of Cardi B - where she froze up on the red carpet.