Cardi B's husband Offset got into a fist fight last night, inside a Miami strip club - after Cardi B was allegedly "assaulted" with champagne.

A partygoer allegedly sprayed the Bodak Yellow down with champagne - and Offset flew into a rage.

According to TMZ, Cardi B was caught in the crossfire of a champagne barrage. Bottles were popped and bubbly started flying everywhere - and Cardi was hit. But Cardi B kept her cool, despite being wet. The same cannot be said for her husband, Offset, who had a different reaction.

The rapper wound up his fist, identified the culprit, and started swinging on him. The Migos star can be seen on video heading in for the strike, and needed to be held back after repeatedly hammering down on the dude. After the incident, the power couple reportedly left the club. 


The incident popped off less than one day after Offset's run-in with police in Los Angeles at The Grove. In that incident, the Atlanta native told officials that he was mistakenly identified by the cops.  While he was released shortly after being detained, two members of his entourage are now facing firearms charges.