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Cardi And Offset . . . Are Sleeping IN THE SAME BED . . . That OFFSET USED WITH HIS EX!!!


MTO News spoke to a former friend of Cardi B's - and she claims that Cardi and Offset sleep in the same bed, that Offset slept in with his baby mother Oriel. The insider claims that when Oriel moved out, Cardi moved in to Offset's Atlanta mansion - and they're using the same bed.

MTO News managed to get old images confirm that Cardi moved into Offset's home, and didn't appear to change the paint color or the furniture. And that was the same Atlanta home that he lived in with his baby mother Oriel.

Cardi's former friend claims that Offset and Cardi did not bother to get a new bed, from the one Offset and Oriel were using. The insider explained, "I thought it was nasty that Cardi was sleeping on the same bed that he used to f*ck his ex on." 

But the insider claimed Cardi didn't seem to care. The insider added, "Cardi was like 'the bed doesn't have any stains on it, so why buy a new one'."

We can't help but admire how frugal Cardi is.

Her are images of both women in the same house: