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There have been rumors that Cardi B underwent a tummy tuck after daughter Kulture was born - and new pics appear to confirm the rumors.

Shortly after Kulture was born, Cardi and her husband Offset flew to the Dominican Republic for a "vacation." But there were rumors that Cardi actually flew to the Caribbean nation to undergo a tummy tuck and Brazilian butt surgery.

Cardi initially denied the rumors that she got surgery. But yesterday she released unedited pics and video of her stomach - and her belly button appears to have been surgically altered.

Before the tummy tuck, Cardi had a regular round belly button.


But after the tummy tuck, you can see that Cardi's belly button is now a long slit:

Here are side by side pics of her belly:


A patients belly button changes after a tummy tuck operation. The plastic surgeon makes a small incision around the belly button to release it from the surrounding skin. This allows the surgeon to pull and tighten the skin more easily, ensuring the stomach is completely flat and taught. Once that is done, the belly button is moved and repositioned on the stomach so it is still located in a natural spot on the belly.

The "new" belly button is typically shaped differently that the old one. In most instances, the belly button is left looking like a long "slit.".