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We Can't GET OVER How Great RAPPER EVE Has Been Looking Lately . . . Being Married To A RICH MAN . . . Has Its ADVANTAGES!!! (PICS)

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TV personality/rapper Eve was looking fierce as she stopped to grab a very healthy looking smoothie during an afternoon out in Los Angeles.

Rocking an animal print dress shirt and matching white and gold Adidas sneakers, Eve was out there enjoying the sunshine and looking like a snack!

Eve, who is married to British multi-millionaire Max Cooper, recently expressed her frustration with people asking her when she is finally going to have some "mini-mes."

“I am so sick about people making a big deal about women’s ages. They don’t do this to men... My 39th birthday is next week, it’s in eight days, and the one question that I get is men and women ask me, ‘How old are you again? Oh, you don’t have any kids? How old are you again?’ And I’m like, ‘You heard me say how old I am.'”

The Talk talk show host has revealed that she IS trying for a baby but considers it crossing the line when people ask her such a personal question. So keep your eyes off of her ovaries!

But there's no rush. Life is good for the beautiful, multi-talented celebrity and she looks as though she doesn't have a care in the world.

Do you agree? Does having a wealthy husband have its advantages - or has Eve ALWAYS been FINE?!