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Candace Owens Now Crying 'Racism' After Conservative Calls Her 'N Word'!

Candace Owens has made a name for herself, denying racism - especially coming from Republicans or conservatives.

But now MTO News has learned that Candace is calling out a prominent conservative Caleb J. Hull, for using the "n-word" multiple times. It's not clear why Candace is putting him on Blast, given that she associates with many conservatives with suspected racist histories.


Candace's fans are saying that she felt "personally" offended by Caleb's use of the N Word.

Caleb is a Republican operative in the Washington, D.C. area, known for his pro-Trump rhetoric on social media, as well as his relentless targeting of Trump critics online. He has more than 138,000 Twitter followers, which he uses to harass "liberals" or critics of President Trump.

Here's Candace's post:


So far a number of Conservative media outlets have "called out" Caleb like Candace asked. But the same outlets also gave excuses for him - saying that those tweets were "old" and from when Caleb was a "teenager."