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Candace Owens' Brilliant New 'Scam' To Make Millions From Republicans


MTO News has learned that Candace Owens is being accused of finessing what could be millions of dollars out of Republicans, according to a new report.


One of the writers for Politico noticed that Candace -- a conservative activist -- has been sending text message solicitations to Republicans. According to the messages, Candace is raising money for herself, through an LLC called Candace Owens LLC. 

The text message says: “Hi it’s Candace Owens. The Black Lives Matter movement is getting more power by the day and we must stop them. Stand with me.” 

The recipient is then directed to a web page that raises money for Candace' Owens' company, an LLC. The page says, “Paid for by Candace Owens LLC and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee." 

What's even crazier is that Candace Owens LLC appears to be a "for-profit" company. That's because, as stated on the website, "contributions to Candace Owens LLC are not deductible as charitable contributions."

The whole thing looks like a campaign advertisement, but it’s not. It’s not directing money to a campaign committee, but rather to a corporation owned by Candace.