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Gregg Leakes from the Atlanta Housewives is in the fight of his life, battling late stage colon cancer. 

Gregg and with Nene disclosed his cancer diagnosis on the latest season of the Atlanta Housewives. On the show, Gregg shunned the idea of doing chemotherapy. He thought it was too hard a road for him to take.

Well Gregg changed his mind and decided to go ahead with chemotherapy treatment. 

Yesterday Gregg celebrated a milestone- he finished 6 months of chemotherapy. And Nene threw a party for her husband to celebrate the accomplishment:

Now he's ready to face the next step in the fight against cancer. 

Gregg thanked his wife Nene, explaining that she has gone through hell while he was on chemo - but now its over. 

On May 8th, Nene's husband is scheduled to go in for a PET scan to see if any cancer shows up. On May 13 he goes back to get a "port" taken out and after that he gets checked every six months for the next 5 years.

If no cancer appears after that time then the cancer is gone. 

For now, Greg is claiming victory over  the disease, and trying to stay positive.

By the way, Gregg's entire family was there - even the grandchild (by her son Bryson) that Nene refuses to acknowledge. Here's the pic of the young man.