CANADA COURT Just Passes A New LAW . . . Saying That It Is Now 100% LEGAL . . . To Have BESTIALITY WITH ANIMALS!!! (The World Is ENDING)


The Supreme Court of Canada has taken the idea of sexual freedom to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL. The court just officially legalized just about every EXPLICIT ACT act between people and animals. The Supreme Court's only exception is that a person is not allowed to penetrate an animal.

This controversial bestiality ruling is being slammed by animal rights groups.

The case involved a British Columbia man, identified as "DLW," who was convicted of 13 counts of sexually assaulting his stepdaughters, but was acquitted of bestiality — because he "only" forced dogs into oral sex, without penetration being involved. The man "smeared peanut butter on the genitals of his victims and had the family dog lick it off while he videotaped the act."

The court found that, as a matter of law, the man did nothing illegal - with respect to his relationship with the dog.