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Can Someone PLEASE EXPLAIN . . . What The HELL IS GOING ON . . .With Janet Jackson’s EYEBROWS???? (Close Up Pics)


Janet Jackson showed off her new UNORTHODOX EYEBROWS yesterday – while jumping into her CHAUFFEUR DRIVEN CAR in London.
As impressed as we are with Janet’s BODY – especially after giving birth a year ago – her brows are an INEXCUSABLE MESS.

To her defense, she does appear to be dressed down. Perhaps she was in a rush to the salon to get them taken care of?

Eyebrow trends have really taken a turn. These days, the bushier, the better. Over the past year, we’ve seen feathered eyebrows, peacock brows, squiggle brows, barbed wire brows, braided browns and even McDonald’s arched brows… Just not messy, half-assed, afterthought brows, Janet!

Last Year, the “Rhythm Nation” star revealed that she had spilt from her billionaire hubby Wissam Al Mana. “I just want to keep it real with you guys for a second,” she told fans. “Yes, I separated from my husband. We are in court. And the rest is in God’s hands.”

The businessman apparently still loves Janet, but she was unable to deal with his rumored controlling ways any longer.

“It was quite an abusive situation,” Her brother, Randy Jackson told People. He said that she endured “verbal abuse and being [made to feel like] a prisoner in her own home. No pregnant woman needs to go through being called a bitch every day. . . That’s what she went through.”

It is reported that she could receive up to $200 million in a divorce settlement. That’s not chump change!

Anyway, back to these hideous eyebrows! Please do better Ms. Jackson. We don’t want to give haters fuel to hate any further!