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Rapper Cam' ron has revealed that he is skeptical about the existence of dinosaurs during a newly published interview.

"I have fights with people about dinosaurs," Cam during the sitdown with ItsTheReal.

 "I'm not believing nor disbelieving. It's like, there's no proof. Because they throw these big bones, pause, up in a museum, and then be like, 'Yo, these are the people that were here before us …' I mean, pardon me or whatever."

Cam says he needs more proof:

"So these bones are still strong enough to put up in museums, and they didn't crumble or anything like that? I'm not necessarily going for that one.

"If we get more proof on it, cool, [but] I'm not going off museum facts. I been to every museum when I was young, I'm like, 'Word, so they just found all these bones and glued them together'… [That] sounds like more of a money-maker to me."