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Cam'Ron has spoken out about his beef with Queens rapper Nas, claiming that he never wanted things to go as far as they did.

"I mean, at that particular time, I probably didn't [think that]," he said in an upcoming interview with Rap Radar. "There's some things that I found out about afterward that I probably wouldn't have said if I knew. Do I regret it? Yeah, because I didn't want to go that far. But, at that particular time in my mindset—and the n*ggas I was running around with, they didn't give a f*ck." 

The beef came after Nas skipped the 2002 Summer Jam because he was told that he couldn't lynch a doll resembling JAY-Z. At the time, Nas and Jay were beefing.

Nas then said the following on Hot 97:

"I buy these people's albums, and they not talking about nothing. From Cam to everybody. I like Cam. He's a good lyricist. But the album's wack." 

It was those words from Nas which sparked the beef.