Pop singer Camila Cabello has issued an apology to her fans apologizing for using racial slurs in the past, after old Tumblr posts of hers resurfaced online.

"When I was younger, I used language that I'm deeply ashamed of and will regret forever," Cabello said. "I was uneducated and ignorant, and once I became aware of the history and the weight and the true meaning behind this horrible and hurtful language, I was deeply embarrassed I ever used it," she wrote via social media.

"I'm 22 now," she continued. "I'm an adult and I've grown and learned and am conscious and aware of the history and the pain it carries in a way I wasn't before."

According to Buzzfeed, Camila reblogged many racist and xenophobic Tumblr posts that mocked black, Asian, and Mexican people - even using the n-word on one of the posts.

Check out her full apology below.