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Cali Mom Asks Boyfriend To PUNCH Her STOMACH . . . Kills Baby . . . Murder Or Abortion?


A criminal case in California is causing people on BOTH sides of the abortion issue to come out in droves..

The facts in the case are not in dispute.  On May 24, a 30 week pregnant woman came int   Kern Medical hospital in Bakersfield California. She was claiming to be in labor.

The woman gave birth to a child who was born with a fractured skull. Police claim to have interviewed the mom who eventually confessed that she had asked her boyfriend, who was also the father, repeatedly punch her stomach. The father beat the mother’s stomach “at least 10 times” until she “stopped feeling the baby move," police said.

The couple has yet to be charged because prosecutors say that the couple may have committed a "legal abortion." Since the child was not yet born, and both parents agreed to the punches - prosecutors say that what they did may be "perfectly legal under California law.

The police department and district attorney’s office are waiting for a coroner’s report before any action against the couple is taken.