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There seems to be a low key gang war breaking out in Los Angeles, between the Game's manager Wack100 and friends of the late rapper, Nipsey Hussle.

It all started on Thursday night, when notorious Los Angeles music exec/gangster Wack100 - who is also The Game's manager - made comments about Nipsey that many of his friends felt were disrespectful.

Here is what Wack reportedly said about the beloved rapper:


When word of Wack100's comments went viral, Wack didn't apologize. Instead the OG went on Instagram and appeared to double down on the comments. This is what he posted:

Shortly after Wack posted that on Instagram - a shooting popped off in his neighborhood. According to social media, people believe that the shooting was "in retaliation" for the statements that Wack made about Nipsey.

On Wednesday, Wack also hit up Instagram to keep it 100 on Tekashi’s rumored contract.

“Listen, I gotta speak on this. Everybody talking about 6ix9ine and this $10 million deal. First off, that’s some Internet sh*t. Ain’t nobody seen no paperwork. Second of all, whatever these people want to do with their money, whoever they want to invest in, that’s they business. That’s they right. Third, stop blaming him. It’s his fans. It’s his fan base. It’s his fans that make him popular. The popularity brings streams and streams bring revenue. Any businessman would do business with this kid. Y’all keep crossing the streets with the building and the building don’t gotta abide by the code of the streets. So all you n*ggas running around here crying and mad, go step your game up or figure out something – stop crying about business and what business is. It’s just what it is. It’s 2019. Ain’t 1989 anymore. West.”