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Caitlyn Jenner Says She Wishes Her Relationship w/ Kris Jenner Was 'Closer'

Caitlyn Jenner has shared that she wishes her relationship with ex-wife Kris Jenner was better.

"I would say from my standpoint, our relationship is not as good as it should be," Caitlyn said on Australia Big Brother VIP. "I don't have any hard feelings towards her. ... I wish it was closer, but it's not."

She continued: "Our relationship is okay. I think it could be better just because of the kids. It's always the way when you have that. It's all about how the mother and father, how they get along together. Is it easy? Is it good? Do they see each other? Is there any tension? This is reality."

Kris and Caitlyn separated in October 2013 after 22 years of marriage. Kris filed for divorce in 2014. Caitlyn was still biologically a man while they were married.


During the KUWTK reunion this year, Kris was asked whether she'd forgiven Caitlyn for treating her poorly after they broke up.

"I think so," she replied. "I think if I didn't or I don't work through those feelings, it's just going to hurt me more than it would hurt Caitlyn."