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Caitlyn Jenner continues to spill the Kar-Jenner tea, and recently revealed to the public that she banned the mention of O.J. Simpson's name after he was acquitted of Nicole Simpson's murder.

Caitlyn is currently appearing on U.K. reality television show, I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here, where she said the following:

"I just said to the girls, 'Just because he got a 'not guilty' didn't mean he didn't do it, and I don't want his name ever mentioned in this house again."

Caitlyn is currently sitting in an Australian jungle, but will likely face some difficulties with his family when he comes out. He reportedly signed an NDA with the Kardashians, which he may well have broken already since being on the show.

He also left Khloe Kardashian "confused" after he claimed on the show that they had not spoken in about five or six years due to his male to female transition.