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Caitlyn Jenner Claps Back At Joe Rogan

Caitlyn Jenner has clapped back at Joe Rogan after he dissed the entire Kardashian clan.

During a recent episode of his podcast, Rogan said;

"People were saying, 'He was always a woman, he was born a woman.' Maybe. Or maybe if you live with crazy b*tches long enough, they f*cking turn you into one. Maybe you go crazy," the comedian said.

Jenner caught wind of Rogan's remarks and responded. "He's a homophobic, transphobic ass. He calls my family, especially the girls, crazy bitches and he does this all the time," the reality star told TMZ.

"Let's get real here. My daughters have obviously done extremely well. They're more famous. They have more money than he has. They have just about everything more than he has," Jenner said. "He's gotten his fame by putting other people down and making jokes about it."

She then implied that Rogan is a coward. "If I was sitting right in front of him he would treat me a lot differently. It's one thing to say something on a stage or something on your show and make a joke about it, but it's harder to do it in front of your face."