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On next week's episode of Black Ink - NY, Caesar reportedly suffers from a marijuana overdose. Yeah . . . marijuana.

The NYC tattoo shop owner takes his friends to the Foxwood Casino's in Connecticut, where the group gambles, parties, and eats plenty of edibles.

And Caesar overdoes it with the edibles. In fact, the reality star got so high, that producers became worried and they called paramedics.

The show is now labeling Caesar's excessive high as a "marijuana overdose."

Here's the video from next week:

According to the website marijuana overdoses are extremely rare. But they can happen if someone over consumes edibles, or smokes too many dabs.

Here is how they explain how it is recognized:

While rare, a marijuana overdose is still possible in some cases. Signs and symptoms of marijuana overdose might include :

  1. Extreme anxiety or panic attacks.
  2. Psychotic reactions in which someone loses touch with reality or becomes paranoid, sometimes in the form of hallucinations, delusions, or a loss of personal identity.
  3. Decreased judgment, perception, and coordination that can lead to injuries or even death.
  4. A fast heart rate, chest pain, or heart attack.
  5. Uncontrollable shaking or seizures.
  6. Pale skin color.
  7. Unresponsiveness.
  8. Sudden high blood pressure with headache.

The Black Ink Tattoo shop that originated in Harlem, New York became a nationally recognized brand after their VH1 reality series Black Ink Crew became a hit show. Now in its sixth season, Caesar and his partner, Ted, who is also regularly on the show, are continuing to build and expand their brand with this being their fifth location with two shops in New York City, one in Orlando and one in Atlanta.