CABLE NEWS WARS . . . Gets X RATED!! New Report Says That MSNBC Anchor . . . Was HAVING AN AFFAIR . . . With Don Lemon From CNN!!!


According to a little birdie, CNN anchor Don Lemon carried on a relationship with MSNBCs Ronan Farrow.

Here's what the snitch told us:

Don was getting down (most likely prior to this relationship) with no other than Ronan Farrow. I don't think it was an ongoing relationship but more so f**king around. Two of my sources are from Don's camp while the other is from Ronan's.

F**king hot! I can see them laying there afterwards smoking a cigarette talking about Sinatra, Trump, Hillary, daddy issues and making it a threesome with Anderson next time. 

Sneaky :sneaky:

Wow. Ronan Farrow was let go from MSNBC earlier this year . . . maybe he'll JOIN DON over at CNN???