Legendary basketball player Byron Scott is calling out his son and daughter in law - and claiming that they lied on him during the taping of the VH1 hit show, Basketball Wives.

Last week on Basketball Wives, Kristin and her husband Thomas threw a family dinner - and it appeared that Thomas' father, Byron, stood them up.

Well now Byron is speaking out, and he's calling both Thomas and Kristin "clout chasers" and "liars." 

Byron went on Instagram last night, to give his side of the facts. He starts off by telling fans that he was never invited to dinner with Kristen and Thomas. Byron claims that he and son Thomas discussed getting together, but they couldn't agree on a time and date that fit Byron's heavy schedule.

Kristen and Thomas then, according to Byron, filmed and presented to the audience that Byron was a no show and skipped the dinner, so that he could go to a baseball game. But he was never invited to dinner that evening, the former NBA legend claims.

Byron also goes on to say that Kristen has made matters worse and she has no intentions of fixing anything with the family.

Here's his explanation: