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Byron Allen, the successful Black businessman who owns dozens of cable networks has lost his five year battle with Comcast. Yesterday the US Supreme Court struck down his case - with all nine judges voting against him. Even the judges that many consider to be "progressive."

Byron accused Comcast of discriminating against him and other minority-owned TV networks.

The millionaire mogul argued that Comcast refused to license his TV channels - which include, and because he is Black.

But the Supreme Court ruled on Monday that Allen failed to prove Comcast would have licensed his channels if he was not Black - a burden that Byron claimed was "impossible to meet."

"This is a very bad day for our country," Byron said in a statement on Monday.

"Unfortunately, the Supreme Court has rendered a ruling that is harmful to the civil rights of millions of Americans."

Allen added: "We will continue our fight by going to Congress and the presidential candidates to revise the statute to overcome this decision by the United States Supreme Court, which significantly diminishes our civil rights."