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Buzzing Rapper ARRESTED For Kidnapping Rival . . . Over SOAICL MEDIA 'BEEF'!!


A buzzing new rap artist known as skinnyfromthe9 was arrested yesterday, along with his father, brother and a Newark man. the four men are all facing charges in connection with the kidnapping and aggravated assault of 21-year-old man. Online reports suggest that he man was kidnapped, for talking SPICY about skinnyfromthe9 on social media.

Police arrested David Alex Villegas, 22; his father, David Andres Villegas, 42; his brother, Joshua Villegas, 20, and Troy Warren, 28, according to Somerset County Prosecutor Michael H. Robertson and Somerville Police Chief Dennis Manning.

David Alex Villegas is also known as rap artist Skinnyfromthe9, the prosecutor's office confirmed. 

The charges stem from a Thursday incident in Somerville, New Jersey, where Skinny and the other three suspects allegedly coaxed the 21-year-old victim into a car.

Authorities say that once the vehicle began driving off, Skinny—legal name David Alex Villegas—grabbed the victim’s phone and began punching him in the stomach. The suspects are accused of driving around for about an hour, while they continuously struck the man. The victim claims he was eventually taken back to the Villegas’ residence, where the assault continued.

SkinnyFromThe9 is one of the most popular young artists from the Florida area. He has more than 500,000 Instagram followers and a ton of hit songs. He was reportedly in talks to do a collaboration with rapper 6ix9ine.

SkinnyFromThe9 and his family should be presumed innocent of all offenses, unless prosecutors can prove beyond a reasonable doubt his guilt.