Rapper Busta Rhymes has been working out like a madman for the past few years - and yesterday he showed the fruits of his labor.

The legendary rapper now has 30 inch arms. And his sheer muscle mass has many on social media impressed, including his good friend, entertainment mogul Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson.

Here's what 50 posted on Instagram:

In regards to a photo of an incredibly hefty-looking Bus-a-Bus, 50 wrote, "Damn it man, Busta arms the size of my leg. LOL WHAT TF is going on BUS". While this can be interpreted as amazement at his strength, the "LOL" and laughing emojis might stir this semi-friendly feud in the wrong direction. Busta probably won't be too happy when he finds himself as the butt of 50's joke once again. Considering Busta's ever-increasing size, 50 still making these comments shows that he is truly afraid of nothing and everyone is merely a pawn to be used for his own amusement. 

Busta Rhymes is considered by most hip hop aficionados as one of the greatest lyricists of all time. He's best known for his outlandish style and fashion sense depicted in several innovative Hip hop music videos as well as his intricate rhyming technique, rapping at high speed with heavy use of internal rhyme and half rhyme making him one of the fastest rappers of all time.

Busta also received 11 Grammy Award nominations for his work.

And while he continues to tour around the world - the 47 year old rapper stays in the gym . . .