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YOU BIG DUMMIES!!! Syrian-American Family . . . That Voted For TRUMP . . . Got Their Azzes DEPORTED With Latest Executive Order!!

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In a crazy bit of irony, a Syrian family that VOTED FOR TRUMP had green card holding members of their families DEPORTED to a war zone.

Here's how NBC News is reporting it:

Assali and her husband, Dr. Ghassan Assali, who has a dentistry practice and received his degree from New York University, are originally from Syria but have been living in the United States for 20 years. Sarmad Assali's two brothers, their wives and their two children initiated their immigration attempts in 2003 while living in Syria. In December 2016, they were approved to join Assali and her husband in Allentown after the couple bought and furnished a home for them.

But early Saturday morning, after they landed at Philadelphia International Airport, Assali's relatives were detained. They were then sent on an 18-hour flight back overseas.

Trump's Immigration Order Playing Well to Fans Around US

The detainment and deportation occurred only hours after President Trump signed an executive order that immediately restricted travel from seven predominantly Muslim countries and temporarily halted a refugee program for Syrian immigrants.

"Two security guards were waiting for them," Assali said. "They took them. They said, 'Are you Syrians?' They said, 'Yes.' They said, 'Come with us.'

The family members were deported back to the middle east, and are expected to be put back into the war zone shortly.

What's ironic is that Assali and Dr. Ghassaon actually voted for Donald Trump. They like MILLIONS of Americans are finding out how BAD the new president is going to be for their personal interests.