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Buffie Purselle, the newest addition to the Bravo show, Married To Medicine, has responded to critics who slammed her emotional meltdown during Sunday's episode.

"No one has the right to disturb the delicate balance of how you maintain your happiness from day to day. I was gutted and shamed for saying ouch ONE time. If this is what friendship looks like I'd rather not have any. #married2med" she tweeted in response.

On the show, Buffie was seen being highly emotional over the fact that she has been unable to bear any children of her own.

Buffie became highly upset after a conversation with Dr. Jackie, where the doctor inadvertently revealed that Buffie was infertile. Dr. Jackie apologized for the reveal, but that did not stop Buffie from breaking down in the bathroom.

 "If I [didn't] accept her apology, you would be absolutely correct. But I NEVER asked for an apology and accepted when she said she was done with it," she in response to Dr. Jackie saying that she was tired of apologizing. "I was kind to her. Invited her to my spa day and tried to have fun with her. Who had the attitude or held a grudge? Was it really me?"