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NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown will likely not be signing with the Buccaneers, despite rumors that he would be following Tom Brady to the Tampa Bay team.

"No, there's definitely some sense that Tom Brady would want to bring Antonio Brown with him," NFL insider Rapoport said on Free Agency Frenzy. "This from some of the other teams that were potentially in the mix. What really wasn't a secret Brady and AB have remained close. My understanding is this is not something that Bruce Arians is in favor of. He's had Antonio Brown before. He had him a couple of years in Pittsburgh. Does not sound like it went well. This does not seem to be like the direction that the Bucs would be going."

Brown is currently a free agent.

The NFL has not yet concluded its investigation into two sexual misconduct cases against him -- and he's unlikely to be picked up by a team until the matters are resolved.