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Bruno Mars and Cardi B have a very close personal relationship, and one person close to Cardi believes that the two singers have a "crush" on each other.

The insider told MTO News, "I don't think they acted on it, but they definitely have a crush on each other. You can see it in their chemistry."

We're also told that Bruno constantly flirts with Cardi, and that she happily flirts back.

Neither Cardi nor Bruno are single. Cardi is married to Offset from the hip hop group The Migos. The two have a daughter together named Kulture.

Similarly, Bruno is taken also. He's been dating the lovely Jessica Caban for the past seven years.

Here are pics of Bruno and his bae:

Bruno and Cardi have two hit songs together - Finesse (which made it to #1 on the Billboard charts) and Please Me - which is their new hit song.

The 26-year-old rapper and 33-year-old singer dropped the music video for "Please Me" on Friday.

The nearly four-minute clip takes place at a taco restaurant "somewhere in Los Angeles." Both artists are seen hanging with their crews after a party. But once they lock eyes, there's instant chemistry—and lots of sexy dance numbers.

The video came just two weeks after the dynamic duo released the hit. Cardi B was clearly excited about the project and teased it in a sexy Instagram post on Thursday.

"I scared but, you know, I like this music video a lot," she said while rocking a new rainbow 'do and some white lingerie.