The BROOKLYN MUSEUM Just Hired A WHITE Person . . . To Curate Their AFRICAN ART COLLECTION!! (People Are UPSET)

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The Brooklyn Museum in New York is in the middle of a crisis - with many of its longtime supporters threatening to BOYCOTT the Museum. The museum sparked outrage in the Black community after hiring a White woman to curate its vast African art collection.

On Monday the museum appointed Kristen Windmuller-Luna, 31, who has a Ph.D. in African art history from Princeton University, lectures in Columbia University’s department of art history and archaeology, and once worked as an educator for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where she was “responsible for adult and college gallery tours in the African galleries.”

Some of the social media responses to the news:

"BETTER HEADLINE: "Brooklyn Museum Welcomes Two New Cultural Colonizers for African Art and Photography" Seriously, @brooklynmuseum? There goes the neighborhood for good."

"Pls add under qualified. She’s fresh outta PhD program and doesn’t appear to ever have a FT job at a major museum-ever. He doesn’t even seem to special in African photographers. @brooklynmuseum do better and no you will NOT get a donation from me-ever. "

"Brooklyn Museum has a plan y’all. They will hire two Assistant curators who are Black/African. The Help. Ain’t that how museums do it? My friends tell me it is so."

But many in the Black community are asking, why couldn't they find a Black person to curate the art?