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Love & Hip Hop stars Safaree and Erica Mena are going viral, after their security got into an altercation with a man yesterday in Brooklyn. The man was left badly beaten.

So what happened? Well it's not completely clear.

It all started when two girls went up to Erica Mena, and they said "OMG NICKI MINAJ!" The girls were either blind, or trolling, because Erica looks NOTHING like Safaree's rapper ex Nikci Minaj. 

Safaree got angry at the two women, and started arguing with them.

Out of nowhere, a man appeared and tried to defend the two women, who were arguing with Safaree.

Then Safaree's security stepped in and beat up the man.

The man is now claiming that Safaree ordered his security to carry out the beating - but Safaree and Erica are denying it.

Here's video of the aftermath: