Brooklyn Father Is SHOT IN THE HEAD . . . Trying To Protect His 17-Year-Old SON . . From Local BULLIES!!

Brooklyn_Father_Shot has some TERRIBLE news. A 38-year-old PROUD BROOKLYN FATHER named Gerald Cummings was gunned down yesterday. He was shot in the head, in front of his 17-year-old son Gerald Jr. And the father died trying to protect his son from local BULLIES.

It all started last week when young Gerald was playing basketball near his home in Flatbush, Brooklyn, New York. Three teens allegedly pulled up on him and stole his favorite baseball cap. It wasn't just any old hat either. It was a $400 Don C lambskin cap with a snakeskin bill.

Well yesterday, Gerald was at the same court - and he saw the same BULLIES. This time, one of the guys was actually WEARING the hat they stole from Gerald last week.

What happened next was pure tragedy. Here is how the NY Daily News is reporting it:

Young Gerald called his father, Gerald Cummings, 38, who came to the basketball court and snatched the hat off the 16-year-old bully’s head, sources said. The humiliated crook followed Cummings and his son off the court, trying to take the cap back when one of his friends pulled a gun from his backpack and started blasting, sources said.