A mother from the Bronx NY is being accused of slashing the throats of her two kids in the middle of the street, then walking away as they both bled out.

Police say that Shanice Martin, 24, used a razor to slit the throats of her two young children on a Bronx street corner.

Her two children — a 2-year-old girl and a 6-year-old boy — were left to die on the busy Bronx corner. Luckily good Samaritans rushed the kids to the hospital. Now both children are expected to survive.

According to authorities, the children’s throats were cut “from ear to ear”.

The crazed mom did not try and hide her crime either. Within minutes of the attack, Shanice showed up at the local police station, where she handed them the razor she used and surrendered.

“Go ahead and arrest me,” Shanice reportedly told police as she handed the blood soaked blade over.

Authorities say that he killer mom was “covered in blood” and “made incriminating statements” about how she harmed her children.

Shanice has been charged with assault, child abandonment, endangering the welfare of a child, and weapon possession. She was undergoing a psychiatric evaluation Tuesday, police said.

According to the NY Post:

"The children were in serious but stable condition at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital on Monday, police said.

Martin is homeless and struggles with mental health problems, according to her family. Still, her brother was shocked by the attack.

“What could possibly happen that she would do that to her own kids?” the brother, Travone Lango, gasped.

He said Martin often refuses to take her meds and probably “snapped” Saturday.

“When she’s on her medicine, she is perfect. But when she’s off of it, everything goes left,” he said.

“We are always telling her, ‘Shanice, are you taking your medicine?’ We try to help her, but she refuses our help all the time.”

There is a long history of domestic incident reports involving Martin, her children and other family members, but Saturday’s attack was the first known violent incident between her and her kids, police sources said."