Bronx Chaos: Police Kill Unarmed Man - People Riot & Attack Cops!!


Lats night, the Bronx was burning - and hundreds of stores were broken into, and looted MTO News has learned. And it all popped because two police officers were believed to have shot an unarmed rioter, and cursed him as he lay dying the street.


The shooting incident occurred many months ago in the Bronx. According to social media reports - the two officers tackled a man, a struggle ensued, and an officer drew his gun and shot the man dead.

Well video of the apparent murder went viral yesterday, along with a rumor that the video showed police killing a protester. And that's all it took for the entire New York borough to erupt. People rioted, and also began attacking police.

MTO News obtained graphic video showing the police killing yesterday:

Here are a few scenes, showing last night's carnage:

And the rioters are attacking cops - one police officer is in critical condition, after being run down by an SUV. Watch:

Here's a cop who was caught lacking and beaten by rioters: