Meghan Markle has been the victim of extreme cyberbullying as well as being repeatedly bashed in the media and Broadway star, Audra McDonald has spoken out in defense of the new Royal.

She shared a post of her own pregnant belly, which was captioned:

"Me at about 8 months pregnant. The reason I’m posting this is because of #MeghanMarkle. I cannot believe what this woman has had to endure from social media and the press. Then today to read about how “weird” her body language is by a supposed women’s magazine that supposedly prides itself on celebrating fierce, independent, strong women who can do anything and have it all?!? Do better."

She continued:

"When I was 8 months pregnant I touched my belly all the time because it was MY belly and it was MY baby(usually as active as this video) inside, had crazy emotions ranging from elation to depression to rage to uncontrollable fits of laughter. I was a swollen, hot, sweaty, enormous, flatulent, in search of my feet, hot fudge sundae junkie, nervously excited, pudgy faced, waddling goddess. The thought of having to go through all of that plus having a million cameras in my face, bullied left right and center, and still be gracious, elegant, gorgeous, and full of purpose in front of the whole world is unimaginable. Do better. Leave her alone."

Since marrying Prince Harry, Markle has been labeled as everything from a "diva" to being accused of touching her belly too much. Racists have also targeted her online and made threats of violence, which the Royal family are reported to be taking seriously.