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Brittany Renner Reacts To Viral Interview w/ DJ Akademiks

Brittany Renner's interview with DJ Akademiks went viral. In the interview, the pair discussed her relationship with PJ Washington. Renner denied being a predator.

Ak called Renner a side chick, and when she questioned him about his own past, he told her that she'd embarrassed herself and Washington by writing a book about all of the casual sex she'd had with famous men.

After the clips went viral, Renner defended the interview on social media.

"Few things here: 1.) You learn more when you LISTEN 2.) Often times the people we love try to make us feel small in hopes that we'll never discover our power 3.) Changing for anyone is only prolonging you meeting the right person who will accept you for you 4.) What would YOUR life be like if people actually knew the whole truth about YOU? 5.) My patience is unmatched," she wrote.

Renner added: 6.) I am so happy I did this interview with @iamakademiks for @offtherecordclips on @spotify because it truly sheds light on a mentality a lot of men have and it's helpful to know what we as women are up against"

She says she's about to drop her own podcast.