Britney Spears CAUGHT . . . Wearing A RAGGEDY Weave!! (Close Up Pics)

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Singer Britney Spears is seen arriving at the Radio City Music Hall ahead of her concert in New York. Britney had security guards block her with multiple umbrellas as she made her way inside still the pop superstar could be seen withe very visible hair extensions in place.

Britney has been looking a lot better lately. She hired a new stylist and for the most part, she's been looking good. But yesterday, her stylist hmust have taken th eday off or something.

Cause that RAGGEDY looking weave is not acceptable for a woman of her status.


Besides sporting a terrible weave, according to Hollywood Life Britney also suffered a wardrobe malfunction during her show at Radio City Music Hall in New York City.

The report reads: 

Oops she did it again! Britney Spears, had her second major wardrobe malfunction in the past 10 days. While performing a high energy number at New York’s Radio City Music Hall on July 23, her right boob popped out of her red bra top. Fortunately for the 36-year-old, she came prepared as she had black nipple covers on so that she didn’t completely flash the audience. As always with Britney and nip slips, she kept right on moving through her song and didn’t let a little wardrobe malfunction slow her down or interrupt her performance. She’s such a pro!

At least she didn’t let the latest pasty slip go on as long as the nip slip she suffered on July 13 while playing The Theater venue at the MGM National Harbor in Maryland. While she was performing “Do Something,” her left boob popped out of her black bra and she kept on with her routine for a full two minutes without noticing it.