British Soccer Star David Beckham Got HAIR TRANSPLANT . . . Hairline Looking LAVISH!!!

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British soccer icon, David Beckham looks to have had a hair transplant as he celebrates the launch of his football club by sunbathing and munching burgers in Miami, FL. 

David can be seen holding a front page copy of the Miami Herald which has printed the new logo of David's MLS football team. The still-lean England legend appeared to be on a 'cheat day' as he wolfed down one of Miami's most famous dishes, the Dirty Burger, while he sunbathed by the pool at the Soho House beach club. 

He was in town for the announcement of his Miami soccer club's name and logo - but despite having flown without the family he did not appear to have too many work commitments on his schedule. He posted on social media from his hotel balcony throughout the morning and then spent the afternoon sunbathing. 

It comes as there are more rumours in the UK about his marriage, on the back of a Vogue feature which did not feature him on the cover and which included some unusual quotes from wife Victoria.

Here's the pic of his hair BEFORE _ showing his giant BALD SPOT

Here's him now: