A British Designer Just Created The First Ever 'WEAVE DRESS" . . . It's Made Up Completely . . . Of HUMAN HAIR!! (Would You Waer It??)


A British woman has mode a couture dress out of other people's public hair, after appealing for donations on social media. Sarah Louise Bryan asked people to chop off their downstairs tresses so she could craft them into a full length ballgown skirt and bra style top. Sarah, 28, said she was inspired by Lady Gaga's famous meat dress.

"But I wanted to create something even more disgusting than that," she said. Noting that it was "absolutely horrible" to work with strangers' genital gardens. "I had to put a ground sheet on the floor and sterilise all the hair really rigorously, to kill any bacteria," said Sarah who used a thin metal for the frame of the skirt and a strong glue. She wore gloves and protective clothing throughout.

"I didn't want to get crabs," she added. Sarah is a mother of two, who used to be a beautician before she turned into a fashion designer. She hit international headlines last year for her Skittles dress, made from over 3,000 of the tasty candy sweets.

She is currently working on a new and "secret" garment, for which she is requesting sperm donations. "This is to use as a glue for my new design," she said.