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British Comedienne's Daughter DIES . . . Says On Twitter . . . Plans On MURDERING BABY FATHER!!


Ava Vidal is a Black British Comedienne, commentator and journalist who has appeared on a variety of British stand up shows including 'mock of the week' and 'Michael Mcintrye's' comedy show is known for her stand against racism and other political issues.

Some of you may remember her from when she went against Dencia on the skin lightening cream.

Ava is is a mother of three and is well known for bringing her last born child on stage with her and this has gained her respect for being a working multi tasking mother.


Well her 17 year old daughter died mysteriously, and Ava believes that her child's father had something to do with it. She's threatening to MURDER him.


Ava is a strong supporter of black females and their betterment. Here's a quote from her from a recent interview:

Any black woman in the public eye is a target. I have the usual nonsense black women get anywhere. Female comedians have to work harder anyway, and black ones even more so. Anytime a black woman makes the most meagre progress in the industry, people claim she didn’t work for it. But there is so much we can’t do.

When you’re a black comedian and you want to talk about your life people say, ‘Oh, why have you got to talk about being black?’ Comedy is just a version of the rest of society. It’s perfectly acceptable for an Irish or Scottish comedian to talk about being Irish or Scottish, or a redheaded comedian to talk about being redheaded, but when black people do it, it becomes a problem.

Our thoughts and prayers are with her.